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Everything you need for Christmas from Great British Chefs


by Great British Chefs 24 November 2015
Get ahead of the game this festive season with our Christmas tips and recipes to keep your potatoes crisp, cocktails punchy and the biscuit tin filled with festive bakes.

For those of us on kitchen duty over Christmas the festive period can be a blessing and a curse. Many Christmas recipes are a joy to make and we can experiment and indulge unashamedly in what we eat and drink, but let’s not forget that everyone’s favourite time of year can bring with it everyone’s least favourite things — tricky timings, multi-pan dinners and unexpected visitors turning up at tea time. More than a few of us are kept up at night throughout December, haunted by the ghost of underdone turkeys past and the guests who went without mince pies, or worrying about the cocktail parties yet to come.

This year, however, it’s time to banish your festive fears; with a little menu planning you can be ready to take it all in your stride. We have all the necessary recipes for the perfect Christmas dinner, along with all the other festive accoutrements you might need including Christmas biscuits, cranberry sauce, dinner party ideas and wickedly potent christmas cocktails. Read on; from icing the cake to keeping stockings stuffed with edible gifts, our guides, recipes and menu ideas will see you through every stage of the Christmas season.

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Meat-free menu?

Save your sympathy and spare those jokes — who says vegetarians are missing out at Christmas? Browse our collection of vegetarian and vegan Christmas recipes for some inspiration to knock last year’s nut roast into a cocked (or furry velvet santa) hat.

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