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Edible Christmas gift ideas

Top ten edible Christmas gift ideas

by Katie Smith 22 November 2016

Edible gifts make wonderful presents at Christmas time. So if you’re in need of some Christmas gift inspiration, we’ve compiled a veritable feast of festive homemade goodies that are guaranteed to wow your loved ones.

Treat your sweet-toothed loved ones to a carefully crafted selection of homemade sweets this Christmas. Whether you fancy trying your hand at making your own fudge, marshmallows, honeycomb, lollipops to jellies, these mini edible delights are deliciously simple to make and can be beautifully boxed up and tied round with ribbons for a fabulous Christmas hamper filler.

3. Christmas cookies

When it comes to biscuits, gingerbread is synonymous with Christmas and makes a lovely foodie gift. Gingerbread dough is extremely versatile and can be fashioned into a variety of biscuits, gingerbread men, gingerbread houses and even advent calendars. Biscotti are a wonderful edible present for Christmas as they can be made ahead of time and flavoured with nuts, fruits and chocolate. If you fancy branching out into more unknown biscuity realms, why not have a go at making some traditional Danish Christmas biscuits called Vaniljekranse, which are deliciously buttery vanilla biscuits shaped into festive wreaths. For an equally festive gluten-free alternative try Howard Middleton's Cranberry and white chocolate star biscuits.

4. Mini cakes

Mini cakes are playful takes on their larger counterparts and make wonderful little treats for your friends and family. Why not have a go at turning the classic Christmas cake into a dainty personalised gift by making it in miniature or add a little French finesse to your handmade gifts with some petits fours. Macarons are ideal as the flavour combinations are endless, from fragrant cinnamon to indulgent dulce de leche and tropical passion fruit.

5. Gifts in a jar

A Christmas muffin mix in a jar makes the perfect homemade Christmas baking gift for avid bakers. This idea isn’t limited to the muffin and can be used to create anything from Christmas cookies in a jar to a hot chocolate mix kit. You can also add an extra personal touch to your present with a handwritten gift tag and instruction label.

6. Mincemeat

Fill your home with the familiar smells of Christmas by whipping up a batch of mincemeat; jarred up and decorated with ribbon, it can be turned into a beautiful gift for friends and family. For a wonderfully fruity and spicy mincemeat recipe that’s quick to prepare, try Karen Burns-Booth’s Fat-free apple and almond mincemeat laced with brandy and cider. Best of all, if you have any leftover you can turn it into delicious mince pies!

7. Jams, chutneys and sauces

Chutneys and sauces make a great gift at Christmas as they can be served alongside a whole host of meats and cheeses, as well as being a great addition to sandwiches (particularly the all important leftover turkey sandwich!). For a hint of warming winter spice why not try a simple Spiced apple chutney, or for a guaranteed all-round crowd pleaser there is of course the classic cranberry sauce. Sweet preserves like jams are also surprisingly easy to prepare and make a thoughtful gift at Christmas time. Whether spread generously over toast at breakfast or layered between towers of sponge for an indulgent afternoon tea, they are sure to be adored.

8. Savoury biscuits

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a cheeseboard to keep a hungry appetite at bay. Cheese and crackers make the perfect pairing, so why not have a go at making your own savoury biscuits this year to give as a gift to your fellow cheese lovers. Marcus Wareing’s Pumpkin seed and thyme oatcakes make the perfect addition to any self-respecting fromage fanatic's cheese platter, and for a delicious gluten-free twist try Howard Middleton's Stilton and walnut biscuits.

9. Mulling spices

There’s nothing like a glass of hot mulled wine or cider to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. So why not try having a go at making your own special blend of mulling spices for a lovely homemade present this Christmas. Simply package the spices in sachets or create a delicately sweet mulling syrup that can be made ahead and stored for around three months. The spices also work fantastically well in a non-alcoholic mulled apple juice.

10. Infuse your booze

Want to try your hand at some amateur mixology? Whether it’s infused vodka, gin or whisky, it’s easy to flavour your friend’s or family member’s favourite tipple for a fun Christmas gift. Marcus Wareing infuses bourbon whisky with mincemeat for his truly festive Manhattan cocktail, whereas Lee Westcott uses thyme to create a distinctly herbaceous and floral vodka infusion. Flavoured syrups also make great presents and can be added to a whole range of cocktails and mocktails.

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For even more ideas for handmade gifts take a look at our collection of deliciously tempting edible gift recipes!

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Top ten edible Christmas gift ideas


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