Gluten-free Christmas menu

Our best-ever Christmas dinner menus: gluten-free

by Great British Chefs 08 December 2017

Being coeliac or gluten-intolerant doesn’t mean you have to miss out at Christmas. Take a look at our all-singing, all-dancing Christmas dinner menu and make this year’s the best yet.

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Great British Chefs is a team of passionate food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest food stories, news and reviews.

Great British Chefs is a team of passionate food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest food stories, news and reviews.

Gluten-containing ingredients can crop up in all sorts of Christmas dishes. Flour in the gravy, breadcrumbs in the stuffing, shop-bought figgy puddings – the list goes on. But with a few little changes and the right recipes, it’s easy to create a festive banquet without a speck of gluten in sight. Rather than relying on the supermarket free-from aisle, take a look at our beautiful gluten-free recipes below and ensure any gluten-free diners around the table are more than catered for.


A lot of canapés rely on a pastry base, piled high with various delicious things. Try swapping out the pastry for crispy chicken skin – something Pollyanna Coupland does with her delightful little snacks, topped with homemade ricotta and citrus zest. Being gluten-free doesn’t mean waving goodbye to pastry, however, proven by Victoria Glass’ moreish homemade gluten-free sausage rolls. You can also use leaves as little edible scoops instead of bread or pastry – just take a look at Bruno Loubet’s very festive Roquefort and cranberry endives.


Get rid of the blinis and mini toasts – there’s simply no need for them at this gluten-free Christmas table. Instead, serve up Simon Gueller’s beautiful butternut squash velouté, or Adam Gray’s flavourful smoked eel with bacon and apple. If you fancy transporting your family to Italy for a brief moment, however, then Theo Randall’s chestnut risotto is seasonal, festive and easy to put together.


Onto the main event! You can easily prepare a full-on gluten-free turkey dinner with all the trimmings, but if you’d prefer not to work your way through mountains of leftovers in the days ahead try just cooking and serving the legs like Lisa Allen. Inject some medieval wonder into proceedings with James Mackenzie’s incredible five-bird roast, which is poached before being finished off in the oven, or serve a whole duck with a delicious bowl of spiced red cabbage.


Ah, the Christmas pudding. Even if you think it’s too dense and rich for rounding off a meal we all overeat at, there’s no denying that it’s one of the purest tastes of Christmas you can get. While traditional recipes contain flour, gluten-free baker Howard Middleton offers an alternative – his delicious Armagnac Christmas pudding, free from gluten and dairy. Fancy something (a little bit) lighter? Go for his sticky figgy puddings, which are jam-packed with festive flavour. And if you’re after something completely different, Jeremy Lee’s incredible walnut cake is beautifully comforting, sweet and satisfying.