Your Christmas, sorted: potatoes

by Great British Chefs 1 December 2021

The bird always hogs the limelight, but when done right it's the potatoes that everyone reaches for at Christmas. Whether you're a fan of classic roasties or prefer something a little less traditional, one of these recipes is sure to tick all the right boxes.

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No matter what kind of roast you decide to serve at Christmas, be it a turkey, goose or something completely different, plenty of potatoes on the side is an absolute must. A good roast potato is hard to beat, but you can also amp up the luxury with a few other carb-filled delights. Here are a few must-try potato recipes for this Christmas.

Festive loaded hasselbacks

They may take a bit more time to prepare than roast potatoes, but hasselbacks never fail to impress. These ones are finished with a super simple cranberry ketchup, bacon, cheese and crispy onions to create an unforgettable Christmas side.

Classic roast potatoes

Sometimes there's no need to mess with the classics and that's why Josh Eggleton keeps things simple in this traditional roast potato recipe. Follow this to the letter and you can be assured that you'll end up with crisp golden potatoes which are beautifully fluffy inside.

Classic potato dauphinoise

There aren't many things more appetising that a creamy, perfectly baked dish of potato dauphinoise. They might not be the most traditional type of potato to serve at Christmas, but you can always be sure that they'll go down a storm.

Goose fat roast potatoes

There are always so many tips flying around about how to get the perfect crispy finish on roast potatoes. For Charlie Hibbert, goose fat is the answer. By roasting his potatoes in a generous helping of it, not only does he achieve that desired finish but he also imparts further flavour into the spuds.

Roast potatoes with urfa chilli

Adding some spice to your potatoes can be a great way of taking your Christmas dinner to a whole new level, and that's exactly what Anna Hansen does here by cooking her roasties in chilli, garlic and nigella seeds.

Confit potatoes

If you're really wanting to take your Christmas potato game to a whole new level, why not have a go at recreating The Quality Chop House's legendary confit potatoes? This recipe requires a little patience as they have to be left to chill overnight, but the best part about them is that all you need to do on the day is quickly deep-fry them before serving.

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