Your Christmas, sorted: carrots

by Great British Chefs 1 December 2021

A staple of any traditional Christmas dinner, carrots are an absolute must. These are our favourite festive carrot recipes for the big day.

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We all enjoy carrots throughout the year but Christmas is when they truly come into their own. Cook them whole, roast them in honey for a sweet finish or even turn them into a purée – the possibilities are endless. These are the carrot recipes you should be giving a try this Christmas.

Honey-roast carrots with orange and pistachios

Taking the classic combo of carrots and honey and elevating it, this recipe uses both fresh orange juice and zest to add a bittersweet element to the dish, with pistachio nuts sprinkled on top for tasty crunch and colour.

Glazed carrots with tarragon and garlic

For an added level of indulgence, these glazed carrots from Paul Heathcote are on the money. After cooking the carrots in butter, garlic, tarragon, sugar and water, the liquid is reduced down to a thick consistency and then the carrots are re-added to give them a stunning glazed finish.

Carrot and brown butter purée

A fantastic alternative to the more traditional carrot-based side dishes, this sweet yet nutty carrot purée provides mouthful after mouthful of comfort and will add plenty of comforting texture to your Christmas dinner.

Cheesy carrot bake

Marcus Wareing does something completely different with his carrots in this carrot bake recipe. Combining the grated carrots with onion, cheese and coriander before baking them all together, this dish can be served both in addition to or as a healthier alternative to a potato dish.

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