Mixed roasted vegetables with blue cheese sauce

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Rosana McPhee serves up her roasted vegetable recipe with a difference. A medley of summery vegetables is paired with a rich Stilton sauce to add depth to all of these vibrant, summery flavours. This hearty dish serves six as a side, or four as a main course with a wedge of buttered bread to mop up the roasting juices.

First published in 2016

Pinot Noir grapes, originally from Burgundy, are the only red grape variety authorised for use in Alsace. Principally used in the production of light and fruity wines, Alsace Pinot Noir is a light, dry and fresh wine, delicately fruity and best served slightly cooled. It's a very versatile addition to picnics featuring charcuterie, grilled meats and salads.

A complex and balanced wine, Alsace Pinot Noir is a great match for red meat and game. It also pairs well with white meat and poultry, sharp cheeses and fish due to its mellow tannins.

Middle Eastern, Moroccan and vegetarian dishes are an excellent pairing for these wines, as well as rich chocolate desserts, or desserts containing red fruits.

Here it's paired with a colourful vegetable dish and strong blue cheese sauce made of Stilton. If using a milder blue cheese, an Alsatian Pinot Gris would make a good match instead.




Roasted vegetables

Stilton sauce

  • 50ml of whole milk
  • 100g of Stilton
  • 100g of double cream


Preheat the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6
Cut the squash in half and scoop out and discard the seeds. Cut each half into 2cm wedges. Remove the red onions skins and cut into wedges. Leave the garlic bulbs in their skins and cut them in half horizontally
Oil an extra large roasting tray and add the squash, red onions and garlic bulbs. Place them in the oven for 20 minutes
In the meantime prepare the rest of the vegetables. Halve and deseed the pepper, then cut each half into strips. Wash and trim the baby leeks, baby courgettes and baby corn. Top and tail the baby aubergines and clean the tomatoes
Remove the tray from the oven and add the remaining vegetables, along with half of the fresh thyme. Season to taste in salt and pepper and coat well with olive oil
Bake for another 20–25 minutes until the vegetables are golden, softened and cooked through
Meanwhile, make the Stilton sauce. Add the milk, cheese and double cream to a pan. Cook over a low heat until the cheese has melted completely and the sauce thickens slightly
Divide the roasted vegetables between plates, drizzle over the Stilton sauce and serve

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