Joe Laker

Joe Laker built his culinary foundations at the likes of The Black Swan, Pollen Street Social, Anglo and Fenn, before setting out on his own. Today, he shows what's possible with produce from the British Isles at his Shoreditch chef's table restaurant Counter 71.







Jan Ostle

After spending the early part of his career darting around from one Michelin-starred kitchen to another, Jan Ostle settled down in Bristol with his wife Mary, where the couple have since made a name for themselves at their hyper-seasonal farm-to-table restaurant Wilsons.

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Miho Sato

Ten years of rigorous training in Japan armed Miho Sato with remarkable sushi-making skills and a deep appreciation of her craft. Having cooked at Japanese restaurants around Europe, today she is the UK’s only female sushi master, introducing Londoners to edomae style at The Aubrey.

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