Stuart Deeley

Stuart Deeley

Chef Stuart Deeley cooked in some of Birmingham’s best kitchens before making a name for himself as the winner of MasterChef: The Professionals 2019. Today, he celebrates hearty, unpretentious cooking at his restaurant Smoke.




Imad Alarnab

A successful restaurateur and chef in Syria, Imad Alarnab left his home country in 2015, after war broke out, to seek refuge in the UK. His kind-hearted nature and excellent cooking meant he quickly built a following here, and he now brings authentic Syrian cooking to London at Imad’s Syrian Kitchen. 


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Anna Tobias

Anna Tobias' ethos was moulded by the honest, simple cooking of chefs including Margot Henderson, Ruth Rogers and Jeremy Lee. Those lessons have crystallised into a style which celebrates produce, clean flavours and unfussy plating, which Anna showcases at her restaurant Café Deco in Bloomsbury.



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