How to cook a whole trout

How to cook a whole trout

How to cook a whole trout

by Great British Chefs8 December 2014

How to cook a whole trout

The size of a trout makes it ideal for serving whole; dished up in the centre of a dinner table it allows for a wonderfully communal dining experience. Cooking on the bone helps the keep the flesh moist and locks in flavour.

What to look for when buying trout

Fresh whole trout (often rainbow or brown) is easy to find in fishmongers or supermarkets. During April to September wild sea trout can be brought from shops, but for the rest of the year farmed trout is more commonly found. When buying trout, the eyes should be prominent and clear, the flesh firm to the touch and the fins intact. Finally, give the fish a smell - fresh trout shouldn’t be unpleasant or have any distinct odour.

How to cook whole trout

Whole trout needs to be gutted and descaled prior to cooking, this can be done by yourself or a fishmonger. Once prepared, the fish can be roasted, baked in a salt crust or barbecued with flavourings or your choice.

What to serve with trout

The taste of trout can be complemented with citrus flavours such as lemon, grapefruit or lime as well as fennel or a simple chive butter sauce. Galton Blackiston uses Asian flavours for his trout dish, adding chilli, coriander and lime to the marinade.

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