Chargrilled chicken dinner

Whether you’re cooking a couple of drumsticks or a whole bird, there’s no need to feel intimidated about cooking chicken on the barbecue. Check out our guide to all of our top tips on cooking chicken over coals.

How to cook

Bring out the barbie
How to barbecue
How to barbecue

Is there anything more enticing than the smell of food cooking on the barbecue? There’s something about cooking outside that just makes everything irresistible. Check out our selection of easy barbecue recipes to find the perfect recipe for you.

Barbecue sauce basics

Although USA-style barbecue sauce tends to be thought of as universally brown, sweet and tangy, there are actually as many different types of barbecue sauce in the states as there are types of barbecue. If you want to try something new with your ribs, give mustardy Carolina gold barbecue sauce a try, or creamy Alabama white sauce.