Food insight and consultancy

We are driven by a belief that without deep insight and understanding of consumers and categories, brands will fail to reach their potential. Our audience answered over 900,000 questions in the last 12 months which covered topics as diverse as pickling, slow-cooking and what’s in their store cupboard. We leverage this insight and our connections in the world of food to help our brand partners build businesses with real impact.

Deep actionable data

We have the internal research capabilities to analyse large quantities of data and process it to uncover actionable insights. Our users complete regular surveys that give us a highly nuanced view of foodies across a wide range of topics. We understand what they are motivated by, what they cook, what products they buy, their attitudes and concerns. No one else possesses this level of data about Britain’s 14 million foodies and we leverage it to help our strategic brand partners.

Category insight

We work with brands to help them understand their categories, how foodies engage with them and where the real opportunities for growth reside. We work with our partners to design and deliver research, interpret the data into actionable insights and run processes and workshops that help them apply this insight to their business challenges.

Brand insight and consultancy

Foodies’ perspective on brands is often different to that of the general UK population. We help brands understand these differences and how they can tailor their story and products to excite and engage foodies. We have worked with a wide range of brands to help them reach their potential.


There are 14 million foodies in the UK who are looking to buy new and interesting products and services. With our background in brands and innovation, we are uniquely placed to help our partners create new products that will engage foodies.

2019: A Rich and Complex Relationship

Being a foodie isn't just about enjoying eating and cooking anymore – issues like waste, sustainability and health are more important than ever. Our research looks into these topics to see how foodies are changing their habits, and how food brands can engage with this influential demographic.

2019: A Year of Change

This paper looks at how Britain's culinary landscape is changing in regards to shopping habits, specialist diets, recipe choices and drinks consumption (as well as a number of other factors) and how brands can use this to their advantage.

Health and Diet 2018

This paper looks at how health and diet is changing amongst the British public, 'Committed Foodies' and 'Weekend Foodies'. Find out about the rise of veganism, attitudes towards exercise amongst food-lovers and what this means for brands.

Exploring Britain's Food Landscape 2018

The world of foodies is fast changing - this study explores how the UK is made up of 'Committed Foodies', 'Weekend Foodies' and 'Home Cooks'. Find out about their motivations, likes, dislikes and how to engage Britain's 14m self-confessed foodies.

Global Cooking

This paper explores foodies’ views of various global cuisines, uncovering what they are cooking and how this relates to their out-of-home eating. The data highlights the close relationship between food and travel and gives brands key insights into how this might be leveraged.

2017 UK Segmentation

Leveraging 4,000+ responses from both our audience and a third-party nationally representative panel, we divided the UK into distinct segments. The study sheds light on the 14 million foodies, looking at their attitudes, motivations and shopping habits. This study is repeated on an annual basis.

The UK Foodie

This white paper analyses the responses of over 5,000 of the UK’s foodies. We dig into what dishes and proteins they are cooking and what they cook when they are in a rush. We explore the breadth of their store cupboards and the wealth of kitchen appliances they have accumulated.

Fine Dining

Britain’s foodies love eating out albeit they have specific views on what they want. We explore how digital platforms help people find restaurants and share their experiences. The research also looks at what kind of food diners are looking for and the kinds of offers that are most appealing.

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What We Do

We are dedicated to understanding the foodie consumer and developing unparalleled relationships with some of the greatest culinary talent the world has to offer. We leverage this insight and access to the best culinary minds to create and deliver campaigns that help solve our brand partners’ challenges.

We are a marketing focused publisher, so we understand how to influence consumers, change behaviour and build brands. We make sure we understand the challenges our brand partners face before creating customised solutions that deliver results. Our solutions are born out of the deep insight we have into our foodie audience and our expert culinary knowledge.

Great British Chefs is a genuinely credible brand that is highly respected by chefs, food influencers and our community. We are the go-to brand for cooking advice and provide more premium and authoritative food content than anywhere else on the web. We leverage our position and industry relationships to endorse a small number of brands that we truly believe in.

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