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The Great British Chefs Cookbook Club: February 2018

The Great British Chefs Cookbook Club: February 2018

Welcome to the first ever Great British Chefs Cookbook Club! Find out how it works, how to get involved and what prizes you can win.

Even with the vast number of recipes available on the internet these days, there’s nothing quite like leafing through a beautiful book full of recipes. It’s a medium that’s stronger than ever before, with cookbooks topping bestseller charts throughout the year. If you’re anything like us then you’ll have shelves upon shelves of them in your home – some kept in pristine condition, others earmarked, stained and scrawled over after years of use.

It’s this national love for cookbooks that has prompted us to start our very own cookbook club. Each month we’ll select a cookbook that we think stands out from the rest and ask you, the Great British Chefs community, to cook a recipe from it. We’ll publish a small selection of recipes on our site if you don’t already have the book, so everyone can get involved and see how their cooking compares to everyone else’s. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll announce the chosen cookbook for the month, share a selection of recipes from it and ask you to get cooking! You can choose any recipe from the book.

  • To take part, join our Great British Chefs Cookbook Club Facebook group here, where you any many like-minded home cooks can come together and discuss the book.

  • Once you’ve cooked your chosen dish, take a photo and share it with the group. Feel free to discuss any issues you had with it or something you particularly liked about the recipe.

  • We’ll host a Q&A with the chef halfway through the month where you can ask them questions about the recipes, their style of cooking, their career or general cooking tips.

  • At the end of the month we’ll reveal the best photos submitted and announce our favourite, with the winner receiving a copy of the featured cookbook signed by the chef.

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This month's book


Seeing as it’s Chinese New Year, we couldn’t think of a better cookbook to kick off our club with than Jeremy Pang’s Hong Kong Diner (£15, published by Quadrille). Jeremy sees the city as a home away from home and is passionate about the food it produces. As a multicultural modern city, it’s a melting pot of different international flavours all brought together under a distinctly Chinese umbrella.

If you don’t own a copy of the book, don’t worry – three of the recipes from Hong Kong Diner are on Great British Chefs. Take a look at the recipes below to get a taste for the book and do give them a go this month for the chance to win a signed copy of the book.

Oyster sauce beef fillet and egg yolk claypot

Tender strips of marinated beef fillet, umami-rich oyster sauce and Chinese garlic sprouts (or green beans if you can’t find them) all come together in a beautiful one-pot dish with a fresh egg yolk in the centre, which should be stirred into the other ingredients just before eating. This is a fantastic dish to share between two, with some simple rice on the side.

Cantonese pork chops

For this sweet, sour and sticky pork dish, Jeremy takes pork chops and marinades them in plenty of big, bold flavours before deep-frying them and tossing them in a sauce of soy, ketchup, sugar, chilli oil, black vinegar and Worcestershire sauce – a British ingredient that has found popularity in Hong Kong.

Slow-braised ham hock in yellow bean sauce

We tend to think of fast, stir-fried dishes when it comes to Chinese cuisine, but there are plenty of slow-cooked treats to uncover too. This ham hock is braised in chicken stock spiced with ingredients like star anise, cinnamon, white pepper and five-spice, before being coated in a thicker sauce of yellow bean, black rice vinegar and soy.

Whether you choose one of these three recipes or go for something else in Jeremy Pang's brilliant book, we can't wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to post any pictures to our Cookbook Club Facebook group here.