Raspberry soup with raspberry jelly and milk ice cream


This raspberry soup recipe from Agnar Sverrisson is complex to put together, but well worth the effort. It contains delicate raspberry jelly sheets and a silky smooth milk ice cream, which is delicately flavoured with lemon verbena and lemon grass.

First published in 2015




Raspberry soup

Milk ice cream

  • 1.33l milk
  • 345ml of water
  • 345g of sugar
  • 65g of milk powder
  • 90g of ProCrema

Raspberry jelly sheet

  • 2g of agar agar
  • 1 bronze gelatine leaf

To plate


  • Muslin cloth
  • Fine chinoise


To make the soup, bring the water and sugar to the boil in a large pan, then add lemon grass and remove from the heat
Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes then add the lemon verbena, black pepper, lemon juice and raspberry purée. Place into the fridge and allow to steep overnight
Season with Chardonnay vinegar and pass through muslin cloth squeezing to extract all the juice. Keep in the fridge till ready to use
  • 3ml of Chardonnay vinegar
To make the milk ice cream, bring the water and sugar to a simmer and then add the milk powder. Cook for 1 minute and remove from the heat. Now add cold milk and pass through a fine sieve
  • 345ml of water
  • 345g of sugar
  • 65g of milk powder
  • 1.33l milk
Blend in ProCrema and rest overnight in the fridge. Blend again and churn in an ice cream maker
  • 90g of ProCrema
To make the jelly sheets, place 150ml of the raspberry soup in a small pan with agar agar, bring to the boil and cook out for 2-3 minutes, whisking to disperse the agar agar evenly
  • 2g of agar agar
Once the agar agar is cooked out, soak the gelatine in cold water until it is floppy. Add it to the soup and stir until dissolved
  • 1 bronze gelatine leaf
Pass the soup through a fine chinois onto a cold stainless steel tray. Allow the jelly to cool down in the fridge for 1 hour before using. Cut 6 even sized sheets to fit the bowls you are using
To serve, divide the raspberries between 6 bowls, arranging them neatly. Scoop a ball of milk ice cream on top. Lay a jelly sheet on top of the ice cream and then pour over the soup, trying not to disturb the jelly sheet. Serve immediately
First published in 2015

Agnar Sverrisson’s modern European food combines seasonal British ingredients with Icelandic specialities, serving rustic, Nordic-inflected plates that highlight textural contrast and clean, intense flavours.

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