Poached lobster surprise with lobster macaroni


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Poached lobster

Veal jus


Lobster sauce

To plate

For the lobster cappuccino, preheat the oven to 170°C/Gas mark 3. Put the lobsters in a freezer. This will render them insensate. Boil some water. Once the lobsters are insensate, place each on its back with its claws tied and hold it firmly by the top of its head
Place the tip of a very sharp chef's knife on the head just beneath its mouth, lining the blade up with the lobster’s midline with the blade side pointed toward its tail. Place the lobster into a large pot of boiling water for 8 minutes. Once cooked remove from the water and place on a tray to cool, then put into the fridge to firm up
Once cold remove the claws from the lobster by twisting them with the back of a knife, then gently hit the claws until they crack and carefully remove the lobster meat from the shell
For the body again twist the head and the tail in the opposite direction and pull apart. With the tail in your hand legs-up squash the shell together until it cracks then gently peel away the tail shell
With a sharp knife neatly remove the soil line by making a small cut along the length of the back and scraping out any debris. Slice four nice thick slices of lobster and place in the fridge. Cut the remaining lobster into 0.5cm dice and also place into the fridge
Place the lobster carcasses in a tray and place into the oven until golden brown (approximately 20 minutes)
Place the shallots and garlic into a heavy-bottomed pan with a little vegetable oil and sauté until soft. Add the brandy and reduce until syrupy, then add the tomato purée and mix well together
Top the saucepan up until the water just covers the bones and gently bring the stock up to the boil, skimming with a ladle all the time to remove any impurities that float to the top. Gently simmer the stock for 8 hours, skimming all the time
Remove the lobster shells from the oven and add them straight to the same pan and mix together. Add the veal jus, fish stock, star anise and thyme and leave to simmer on a gentle heat for around 1 1/2 hours, every now and then removing the impurities which float to the top with a ladle
Pass the stock through a fine sieve or muslin if you have it and pour the liquid back into a clean saucepan. Reduce slowly until the liquid is a gravy consistency. Reserve in the fridge (it will keep for 4 to 5 days) or freezer until needed
Pass the stock through a fine sieve into another thick-bottomed pan, add the cream and bring to the boil. Season with a little salt and pepper and adjust the taste with lemon juice. Set to one side
For the veal jus, preheat the oven to 180°C/Gas mark 4. Place the bones into a high-sided roasting tray and place into the oven until golden brown, around 20 minutes. Remove the bones from the tray and place into a large stock pan
Peel and chop the vegetables and add them along with the bay leaf to the roasting tray used for the bones
Place the pan containing the vegetables onto the heat and stir around until they start to turn brown then add the tomato purée and the wine. Stir this together well and then add to the bones
For the macaroni, mix all of the ingredients together. Using a pasta machine start feeding the pasta dough through at the widest setting – you may well need to roll the pasta out first with a rolling pin at the beginning so that it fits into the pasta machine
Every time you pass the whole sheet through the machine move down a setting on the pasta machine – Mark Jordan normally takes his pasta down to the number 3 setting
Once the pasta is rolled out cut it into 5cm squares. One at a time roll the pasta squares around a normal ball point pen or piece of wooden dowel and at the very end just seal it down with a little egg yolk
Gently slide the pen/dowel out of the macaroni and leave to dry – you will need six or seven pieces of macaroni per person
For the langoustine jus, boil the stock in a saucepan then add the cream, lemon juice and water and bring back up to the boil. Add the salt to taste
To plate, start by placing the lobster sauce into a pan and heating it up then add the cooked macaroni to this and stir gently. Add the diced lobster, the sweetcorn kernels and the chives and gently heat up again
Place a good spoonful of the mix into the centre of each bowl and cover with a smaller plate
Place the lobster slices onto a tray and add a nice knob of butter onto each with a squeeze of lemon and put under a preheated grill for no more than 20 seconds, just enough to take the chill off the lobster
  • 6 knobs of butter
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
Place a ball of the warm wilted spinach in the centre of the small plates and sit one piece of lobster on that
Heat a little of the lobster cappuccino in a pan, and using a stick blender, foam. Spoon the cappuccino over the lobster slice. Garnish with a small spoon of caviar and a little piece of cress, cover with a glass dish and serve immediately
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