Raspberry gin

  • Drink
  • Makes 500ml
  • 10 minutes

Raspberries are bursting with delicious juices, and this infused gin recipe means they leech out into the spirit. Make lots and save some for the colder months when the flavour of seasonal berries is no more than a memory.

First published in 2019

This fruity raspberry gin is easy to make and you only have to wait a couple of days to reap the rewards. The recipe can be easily adapted if you fancy adding extra flavours; half a vanilla pod or some almond essence to create a Bakewell tart-flavoured gin works nicely. You needn't waste the raspberries after – blitz them up into a boozy coulis to enjoy with ice cream (but beware they do become pretty alcoholic)!





  • Muslin cloth
  • Sterilised 500ml jar
  • Sterilised bottle


Wash the raspberries and place in a sterilised jar
Add the sugar and gin, close the lid and give the jar a good shake
Leave to steep for 2–3 days, shaking the jar each day to ensure the sugar dissolves
Strain the gin through a muslin cloth and transfer to a bottle. Best enjoyed within 1 month
First published in 2019

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