Fight malaria with Fever-Tree

Raise a glass and fight malaria with Fever-Tree

by Great British Chefs 8 May 2019

Planning on pouring yourself a G&T during May? Post a photo of it on social media and Fever-Tree will pledge £5 to Malaria No More UK – it’s that simple. Here’s how to do it.

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Fancy a gin and tonic this May? Make sure you snap a picture of your drink, because Fever-Tree will be donating £5 for every photo of a raised glass of gin and tonic posted on Twitter or Instagram tagged with @FeverTreeMixers and #MalariaMustDie. For us, it’s an incredibly quick and easy way to support a fantastic charity (and it gives us an excuse to enjoy a G&T), but for those at risk to the disease it provides vital support. What takes us a few minutes could save lives and hopefully help end malaria forever. There are more details on exactly what you need to do below, but why is Fever-Tree backing malaria in particular, and what has it got to do with tonic water?

Today, tonic water is almost always associated with one thing: gin. A G&T is the quintessential British tipple, conjuring up sun-drenched summer weekends spent outside or cosy winter evenings with a sloe gin and tonic in hand. The two drinks combine to create something truly incredible, tasting better mixed together than they do when served separately.

You might think this iconic combination was dreamt up in a cocktail bar by a trailblazing mixologist, but it was actually stumbled upon accidentally by British soldiers in India during the nineteenth century. They were given water infused with the bark of the cinchona tree, which produced quinine – known to ward off the lethal disease malaria. To make the water palatable soldiers added sugar, then mixed it with their daily ration of gin to create the first ever G&Ts.


– Pour yourself a gin and tonic before 31 May 2019

– Take a photo of your raised glass

– Share the image on Twitter or Instagram with a caption mentioning @FeverTreeMixers and the hashtag #MalariaMustDie

– Fever-Tree will then donate £5 to Malaria No More UK!


In the UK we drink tonic water for its taste rather than its malaria-fighting abilities, but we’re incredibly lucky to be in this position. In parts of Africa, Central and Southern America and Asia, the disease continues to take the lives of over a million people every year – the majority of which are children under five. This is especially heartbreaking as malaria is easily preventable and treatable if the right tools and medications are available.

One day, it’s hoped that malaria will be eradicated completely – but of course, this will take time and money to achieve. That’s why Fever-Tree works closely with Malaria No More UK, a charity dedicated to wiping out the disease and saving the 3.2 billion lives at risk from it. Tonic water might not be used in a medicinal sense anymore, but Fever-Tree wants to put the fight back into their mixers in another way: by supporting those who work tirelessly around the world to make malaria a thing of the past. So make sure you get a photo of your drink and post it online to support this very important cause.