Raspberry meringue pies


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Raspberry filling

Tart cases


To make the raspberry filling, soak the gelatine leaves in cold water until floppy. Whisk the eggs and sugar together
  • 6 bronze gelatine leaves
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 3 eggs
  • 120g of caster sugar
Add the raspberry purée and whisk together over a bain-marie until thick. The mixture should hold a ribbon trail when the whisk is lifted up. Whisk in the butter and cook again until thick
Add the soaked gelatine leaves to the mixture and pour through a fine sieve into a tray
Cling-film the top of the tray to prevent a skin forming and leave to cool in the fridge. When cool, spoon into a piping bag
To make the tart cases, heat the oven to 180°C/Gas mark 4. Cut the filo into squares slightly bigger than the moulds you are using
Brush 1 sheet of filo pastry at a time with the clarified butter, then place a buttered square into the mould and push down
  • 100g of butter
Repeat this process 4 times, slightly turning each sheet in the mould so you form a star shape
Dust each mould with icing sugar then bake for 3-4 minutes until golden. Cool on a rack
  • icing sugar for dusting
To make the meringue top, whisk the egg whites and half a teaspoon of the lemon juice in a clean bowl until doubled in volume and holding a stiff peak
Keep the whisk running and add the sugar 1 tablespoon at a time. Whisk until all the sugar has been added and the whites are glossy. Place the meringue into a piping bag with a star nozzle
  • 150g of caster sugar
To plate, pipe the raspberry curd into each tart and then pipe meringue on top. Caramelise the tops with a blow torch. Serve on a large serving plate
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