Soiree Amaretto & strawberry shrub


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A shrub isn’t just a name for small trees but it’s also a tasty concoction, a bit like a cordial, made by preserving the juice from fresh fruit with vinegar, then counteracting the sourness with sugar. It can also be made the other way around - using sugar to first preserve the fruit and then balancing the flavour afterwards with vinegar. Either way, the result is a delicious, sharp/sour syrup which is a fantastic base for snazzy cocktails and mocktails.

I’ve used the key ingredients of shrub making; fruit, sugar and vinegar to create the base for a tasty summer cocktail that’s just right for a sunny evening with friends. The combination of the strawberry shrub, lemon juice and the smoothness of Soiree Amaretto results in a sweet, fruity cocktail, perfect to serve after, or even instead of, dessert.




To create the shrub simply tip the strawberry pieces into a large bowl and sprinkle over the sugar. Leave to stand for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. The sugar will start to draw the juice from the strawberries and the sugar will start to dissolve into it
After an hour, press the strawberry and sugar mixture through a metal sieve into a large jug or bowl. Press firmly with the back of a spoon to get as much juice out through the sieve as possible. Add the vinegar to the resulting liquid and stir well (discard the strawberry pulp in the sieve)
Pour the shrub into a cocktail shaker, squeeze in the juice of a lemon, add the Soiree Amaretto and a hand full of ice
Shake well, until the outside of the cocktail shaker feels cold then strain into 6 ice filled martini glasses or tumblers. Add sparkling water to taste and serve with fresh strawberries and pineberries
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