Apple marigold, cider and apple honey, sparkling wine


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Apple marigold spirit

Apple juice and cider vinegar reduction

  • 500ml of apple juice
  • 500ml of cider vinegar
  • sugar syrup

To make the cocktail

Begin by preparing the apple marigold spirit. Add the apple marigold and alcohol to a vac pac bag and seal without vacuum. Leave to infuse for 24 hours, then strain the liquid and redistill using a rotary evaporator to obtain a clear liquid and enhance the flavours. Make sure you retain the higher abv. essence to spray on the cocktail when serving
For the apple juice and cider reduction, blitz together the apple juice and vinegar in a blender and reduce, either using a rotary evaporator or by gently simmering in a pan, until it is approximately 1/4 of its starting volume and resembles a runny, honey-like liquid. Measure the reduction, add twice the amount of sugar syrup by volume and stir to combine
Pour the chilled sparkling wine into a flute glass, add 5ml of the apple juice and cider vinegar reduction, followed by 20ml of the apple marigold spirit. Finish with an apple marigold leaf that has been sprayed with apple marigold essence
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