Fillet of silver mullet with grilled spring onions, cucumber, confit tomatoes and sauce vierge


First published in 2015
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Silver mullet

  • 4 Silver mullet fillet, 150g each
  • oil

Sauce vierge

Grilled spring onions, cucumber, confit tomatoes

Cut the cucumber into 1cm thick discs and set aside, peel and quarter the tomatoes and deseed.
Place the tomato quarters on a tray and slice a very thin slither of garlic and place on top of each quarter, season with the sea salt and drizzle with the olive oil. Place in an oven at 75c for about 20 minutes or leave - if time allows - for a few hours on 55c
Blanch the spring onions in boiling water for 1 minute, place into cold water to refresh
In a griddle pan, sear the spring onions and colour lightly, set aside once coloured
In a non stick frying pan, fry the mullet skin side until the skin is crisp but not over coloured, flip over and finish cooking flesh side down
  • 4 Silver mullet fillet
  • oil
For the sauce, combine the orange juice, oil, salt and sugar and blend, adding the finely shred basil once the sauce has combined
To serve, quickly pan-fry the cucumber slices but do not let them colour, place on the plate and scatter the tomato petals around. Lay the grilled spring onions down. Top with the cooked mullet and finish with the sauce vierge, drizzling all over
First published in 2015
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