How to confit hake

How to confit hake

How to confit hake

by Great British Chefs8 December 2014

How to confit hake

To confit an ingredient means to 'poach' it in oil rather than milk or water. The low temperature used in this method of cooking results in a wonderfully moist texture.




  • 2 130g hake fillets
  • 50g of sea salt
  • 500ml of olive oil
Rub salt into the hake fillets and leave to cure lightly for 30 minutes – this will help to firm up the texture of the fish
Rinse off the salt and dry very thoroughly with kitchen paper
Pour the oil into a wide-bottomed saucepan and place the pan over a medium heat. Bring the temperature of the oil up to 60˚C and monitor it with a thermometer
Place the hake in the oil and cover with a cartouche
Cook for 15–20 minutes or until the flesh of the hake becomes opaque. The fish is cooked when a metal skewer runs through the thickest part with no resistance
Remove the hake from the oil with a slotted spoon. Allow the oil to drain off before plating the fish and serving immediately


The cooking oil can be infused with ingredients such as garlic, thyme, tarragon or fennel to flavour the fish.

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