Fillet of salmon, aubergine, kumquat, Greek yoghurt

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Daniel Galmiche's colourful salmon with kumquat recipe is full of well-executed, dainty elements, from the baby aubergine crisps to a tart kumquat gel. For a more rustic finish, you can leave the kumquats in halves rather than blend them into a gel. Similarly, feel free to poach the salmon in a light stock if you don't have sous vide equipment.

First published in 2015





Kumquat gel

  • 12 kumquats, halved, seeds removed
  • 140g of sugar
  • 60g of water
  • ultratex


Greek yoghurt

  • 100ml of Greek yoghurt
  • 100ml of kumquat juice, reduced to 50ml
  • 1 lime, zested, half of the juice squeezed

To serve


  • Blender
  • Sous vide equipment
  • Steam oven or steamer


Begin by preparing the kumquat gel. Lower the kumquats into boiling water for 30 seconds, drain and repeat twice more - this will help to remove the bitterness and any pesticides that may have come into contact with the fruits
  • 12 kumquats, halved, seeds removed
Make a sugar syrup with the sugar and water, add the kumquats and steadily simmer for 18-20 minutes, or until soft but still holding their shape. Blitz the kumquats with a little of the cooking syrup until smooth
  • 140g of sugar
  • 60g of water
Weigh the mixture and add 5% of the weight in ultratex. Blend again and store in a squeezy bottle until required
  • ultratex
Preheat the steam oven to 100% steam
Prick 4 of the baby aubergines with a needle or the sharp point of a knife to stop them shrivelling up and bursting. Place in a vac pac bag with a small dash of olive oil and the rosemary
Place into a steam oven or steamer for 12-15 minutes. Remove from the bag and once ready to serve, cut in half and season with a sprinkle of sea salt
Preheat a deep fryer or deep pan of oil to 170˚C
Use a mandoline to cut 2 of the aubergines into thin slices. Dust lightly with flour, ensuring to shake off any excess and lower into the deep fryer. Cook until lightly golden, then drain on kitchen paper and season
Preheat a water bath to 54˚C
To prepare the salmon, first, ensure it has been pin-boned and scaled. Vacuum seal the fillets in a suitable vacuum pouch and cook in the water bath for 9 minutes. Alternatively, you can poach the salmon in a court bouillon or light vegetable stock for 7-8 minutes
Remove the salmon from the bags or poaching liquor and pat dry. Place a non-stick frying pan over a high heat and add a small dash of vegetable oil. Once the oil is hot, cook the salmon skin-side down for 30-60 seconds to lightly crisp up the skin. Remove and keep warm
  • vegetable oil
Combine the reduced kumquat juice with the yoghurt, lime zest and juice and swipe across each plate. Slice each fillet of salmon into strips - it should still be pink in the middle - and add to the plates
  • 100ml of Greek yoghurt
  • 100ml of kumquat juice, reduced to 50ml
  • 1 lime, zested, half of the juice squeezed
Finish with the kumquat gel, aubergine crisps, baked aubergine and seasonal micro cress (micro coriander, chives or blanched Brussels sprout leaves). Serve immediately
First published in 2015

An epicurean upbringing and stints in top restaurants across the world inspire Daniel Galmiche’s effervescent cuisine.

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