Sake fizz

Sake fizz



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A Sake Fizz is the perfect way to add some sunshine to early autumn’s chill. Light and refreshing, this glamorous cocktail makes the ideal vehicle to showcase the complexity of Sake, so it’s best to go premium for the best flavour. A Junmai Dai Ginjo Sake, such as Tama no Hikari, is light, dry and beautifully fragrant and complements the delicate citrus notes of yuzu beautifully.

For a fizz with less of a kick, you can reduce the alcohol content by switching the sparkling wine for soda water and serving in long glasses over ice.

  • 45ml of sake, preferably Tama no Hikari, chilled
  • 30ml of yuzu juice
  • 1 tbsp of gomme syrup
  • 75ml of sparkling wine, chilled
Chill the Martini glasses in the fridge for at least half an hour before making
Stir the sake, yuzu juice and sugar syrup together in the pre-chilled glasses and top up with sparkling wine. Serve immediately
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