Grilled rum Manhattan


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Grilled rum Manhattan

  • 100ml of rum, Luis uses Zacapa
  • 40ml of Noilly Prat vermouth
  • 15ml of Cynar
  • 10ml of whisky, Luis uses Lagavullin

Charred grapefruit syrup


To begin, make the charred grapefruit syrup. Cut the grapefruit into wedges and preheat a chargrill pan over a high heat. Once hot, add the grapefruit segments and allow to brown before turning and charring the other side
Once nicely golden all over, allow the segments to cool and squeeze the juice through a sieve into a measuring jug. Measure out 100ml of the juice and transfer to a pan with the sugar and salt. Gently heat until you are left with a clear syrup. You will need 20ml of the syrup for 2 cocktails
Divide the whisky between each glass and rinse around the before stirring in the remaining ingredients and charred grapefruit syrup. Garnish with cherries and serve
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