Krupnik – honey vodka


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Krupnik is a type of honey-flavoured vodka or liqueur, based on a traditional 17th-century Lithuanian drink called krupnikas; you’ll sometimes see recipes for krupnik Litewski, or Lithuanian krupnik. Krupnik is also the name given to a Polish soup made with barley, so take care not to get confused! Traditionally, this drink is served hot, with a knob of butter added.




Krupnik – honey vodka

Put the honey and warm water in a saucepan, and add the spices and orange peel. Heat gently until boiling, then simmer for 5 minutes. Skim off any foam. Remove from the heat and leave to cool
Add the vodka and stir well. You can leave this to infuse overnight
Strain through a muslin-lined sieve and pour into a bottle. Store in a cool, dark place for 2–3 days. Strain again through a muslin-lined sieve and transfer to a fresh bottle
To serve, heat the krupnik gently, and add a little knob of butter to each glass
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