Jeeves elderflower fizz


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Have you noticed that the elderflower season is in overdrive? I have been watching and waiting for the past three weeks. The first buds set forth the anticipation of cordials, jellies, marmalades and cakes. Those with hayfever will need to avoid picking, but the effort may be worth the bleary eyes and sodden hankies. Home-made elderflower cordial is a great reward for this labour of love. A little splash of that and a little splash of anything alcoholic on the shelf. Cook’s treat.

Prosecco is the fizz of choice in our household. For a start it's cheaper than Champagne. Secondly there is far more variety. And finally it turns any old evening into a special occasion. Hearing a popping cork banishes all evil commutes to the back of beyond.

Prosecco is also a fabulous summer cocktail mixer. If one has elderflowers and Prosecco, what else does one need for a perfect summery celebration? Well now you ask, I would say a bit of oooompf would be nice. Prosecco is not always strong enough is it? So you will need something to intensify the flavour and give the alcohol rather more buzz.

It so happens that Jeeves is a perfect match. Sweeter than other drinks of its kind and a perfect sunshine glow in the glass. All of a sudden we have an elderflower celebration!




  • 50ml of Jeeves
  • 25ml of elderflower cordial
  • 150ml of Prosecco
  • 1 sprig of elderflower, optional
Pour a measure of Jeeves into a glass. Add a sprig of elderflower if you have one
Add a measure of elderflower cordial
Top with Prosecco and serve
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