Crab salad, mackerel tartare, cucumber and avocado

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Crab salad is an excellent way to enjoy a taste of the sea, and Adam Simmonds' crab salad recipe is particularly fantastic with its combination of mackerel tartare, fresh cucumber and ripe avocado. Agar agar is vegetarian gelatine, and is available to buy online.

First published in 2015




Crab salad

Marinated mackerel

Cucumber jelly

Cucumber balls

Avocado purée


To plate


  • Parisian scoop / melon baller
  • Piping bag 1-2cm nozzle
  • Vac pac maker


To make the mayonnaise, whisk the yolks, white wine vinegar and mustard until thoroughly mixed
Slowly add the grapeseed oil, until it becomes emulsified and thick (if it becomes too thick add a little warm water). Add salt to taste
  • 30ml of grapeseed oil
  • salt
For the avocado purée, put the avocado flesh into a bowl add the lemon juice and mix
Place into a blender with the milk and blitz till smooth. Taste, adding salt and lemon juice if required. Place into a piping bag
  • 75ml of milk
To make the crab salad, place the white meat into a bowl. Mix the brown meat, dill and mayonnaise in another bowl
Add to the white crab and mix thoroughly and season to taste
For the cucumber balls, peel the cucumber. Make the balls by using a melon baller. Add the juice from the cucumber and place into a vacpac bag and seal
To make the cucumber jelly, juice the cucumbers, then pass through muslin. Take ¼ of the liquid and whisk in agar agar. Let it sit for 20 minutes
Meanwhile, soak the gelatine in cold water. Bring the liquid up to the boil, remove from the stove and add the drained gelatine. Whisk in remaining liquid and season. Set in suitable size trays and leave to chill until needed
To prepare the mackerel, mix the lemon and salt together and allow to dissolve
Take the mackerel and split from the bottom of the fish straight up the belly to the head, remove the insides and the head, then turn it on to its back and remove the blood line
Wash under water, then from the head to the tail, remove the fillet in as fewer movements as possible. Once removed, take out the rib bones and V bone it
Skin it, remove the blood line, then slice thinly and marinade with the lemon and salt mix
To serve, spoon the crab mix in eight or nine mounds on the plate
The avocado purée is then piped in the gaps and the remaining garnish, except the mackerel, is arranged on the plate
The mackerel is then added and the dish is finished with caviar, red vein sorrel and micro rocket
First published in 2015

Beneath the surface of Adam Simmond’s dishes is highly original, thoughtful cooking.

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