Crab salad with blood orange, fennel, bitter leaves and verjus


First published in 2019
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Crab salad


To make the dressing, place the mustard, verjus and honey in a bowl. Mix together lightly, then add the crème fraîche and stir to combine. Finish with a few drops of lemon juice and some salt to bring it all together, then set aside
To prepare the salad, start by removing the skin and pith from the blood oranges using a small sharp knife. Cut the flesh into pinwheels and set aside
Zest the lemon, then halve it and squeeze out the juice from one of the halves. Set aside
Finely slice the fennel using a mandoline (or a very sharp knife). Wash the bitter leaves and pat dry with kitchen paper
To assemble the salad, place the bitter leaves in a bowl and season with a little salt, then half of the lemon juice, lemon zest and extra virgin olive oil. Use your fingers to toss the leaves until thoroughly coated. Add the fennel and toss again
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
Place the crab in a separate bowl and dress with the remaining oil, lemon juice and zest with a pinch of salt. Place some of the verjus dressing on each plate and layer the salad on top, alternating the leaves, crab and blood oranges. Add a little verjus dressing to each layer. Scatter over the chervil and serve
First published in 2019
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