Sous vide barbecue beef sirloin, grilled onions and caramelised onion broth

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Martin Wishart uses two different cooking methods in this delicious sous vide beef sirloin recipe, first cooking in a water bath to keep the meat juicy and tender before coating in a sticky kecap manis glaze and barbecuing. Kecap manis is a thick, sweet variation of soy sauce popular in Indonesian cooking; it should be available from specialist supermarkets, but if you are unable to find any simmering soy sauce with brown sugar to form a syrupy consistency would serve well as an alternative.

First published in 2015




Sous vide beef sirloin

Onion broth

  • 6 white onions, large, sliced into rounds (keep the rings intact)
  • 20ml of vegetable oil
  • 1l chicken stock
  • 1l water
  • 10g of kuzu
  • salt

Grelot onions


  • Water bath
  • Bar sealer
  • Vacuum bags


Preheat a water bath to 65°C
Begin by preparing the onion broth. Peel and slice the onions horizontally into 1 inch thick pieces, then brush the slices with oil on both sides and lightly season with salt
  • 6 white onions, large, sliced into rounds (keep the rings intact)
  • 20ml of vegetable oil
  • salt
Place a pan over a low heat, add the onion slices and allow to slowly caramelise until deep brown in colour. Once the onions are sufficiently coloured turn them over and repeat the process until the slices are evenly caramelised on both sides
In a separate pan, combine the water and stock and bring up to a gentle simmer, then add the caramelised onions. Continue to simmer the broth mixture until the liquid has thickened and reduced, taking on a strong flavour of onions – there should be roughly 400ml of liquid remaining in the pan
  • 1l chicken stock
  • 1l water
Strain the broth through a fine sieve and leave to cool, then add the kuzu and return the pan to the heat. Bring the onion broth back to the boil and allow the liquid to thicken, adjusting the seasoning to taste. Set aside, keeping warm until ready to serve
To cook the beef, season well and vacuum fully in a bag. Place the bag into the water bath to cook for approximately 35 minutes, or until the core temperature reads 55°C when checked with a needle probe
Meanwhile, prepare the grelot onions. Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and add the onions, simmering for 2–3 minutes until the onions are soft. Remove from the pan and set to one side
Remove the beef sirloin from the bag and brush it with the kecap manis. Place the beef on a hot barbecue or grill and cook on each side for 4 minutes. Toss the grelot onions in olive oil and grill alongside the beef until evenly coloured
To serve, divide the broth evenly between four bowls. Carve the beef into four pieces and place into the broth along with the chargrilled grelot onions
First published in 2015

Although steeped in the techniques of the classical French kitchen, Martin Wishart’s culinary imagination has a distinctly contemporary edge.

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