Smoked chicken and butternut squash risotto

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Mark Dodson's use of smoked chicken in his creamy butternut squash risotto adds a beautiful depth of flavour to counterbalance the richness of the rice. When served with earthy Jerusalem artichoke and piquant sun-dried tomatoes and black olives, this humble risotto is transformed into an wonderfully elegant dish.

First published in 2015





Jerusalem artichoke



For the Jerusalem artichokes, place the vinegar, sugar and red wine in a pan and bring to the boil. Once boiling, place the Jerusalem artichokes into the pan and season with a little salt. Bring back to the boil and cook for 1-2 minutes so that the Artichokes remain crisp. Drain and set aside
For the risotto, sweat the onion in a little olive oil in a large pan over a medium heat. Add the rice and stir, make sure that each grain is coated in the oil. Add the diced butternut squash and sweat again
Add the white wine and leave until it begins to boil. Then, add a first ladle of the warm chicken stock and allow the rice to soak up the liquid. Once the pan becomes dry, add another ladle of chicken stock. Repeat this process until all of the chicken stock has been used and the risotto has the desired consistency
  • 40ml of white wine
  • 250ml of chicken stock
Once the rice is cooked, remove from the heat and add the Parmesan. Stir in the knob of butter and add the smoked chicken. Return to the heat for a minute to ensure that the chicken is hot
Divide the risotto across 4 plates. Garnish with sun dried tomatoes, pitted black olives, Parmesan shavings, some salad leaves and the Jerusalem Artichokes. Serve immediately
First published in 2015

Mark Dodson speaks the language of comfort food with Shakespearean fluency, turning perfectly formed elements into down-to-earth (but heavenly) compositions.

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