Mackerel Zarandeado

Adriana Cavita mackerel FINAL

This simple mackerel zarandeado recipe from Mexican chef Adriana Cavita is a herby and fresh way to serve mackerel. The green sauce and marinade are both simply made by blending all the ingredients together while the fish is grilled over coals, so it's ready in a flash.

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First published in 2024





Green sauce



Dry the skin of the mackerel as well as you can, and season the flesh with oil, salt and pepper. Set aside to air dry for a few minutes while you prepare the sauces

  • 1 whole mackerel, fins snipped off, gutted and butterflied with the head left on, pin boned

Blend all the ingredients for the marinade together to a fine paste


Char the onion, garlic and jalapeño for the green sauce over a grill until blackened and then set aside


Blend all the ingredients for the green sauce together, adding water as needed, until it has the texture of pesto. Set aside in the fridge


Rub oil into the skin of the mackerel and spread the marinade on the meat


Grill the mackerel until cooked through, about 4 minutes per side


Serve with a slice of lemon or lime, and some green sauce on the side. Adriana serves hers with a grilled tomato, green salad or some rice. You can also enjoy it as a taco inside a tortilla

Accomplished Mexican chef Adriana Cavita cooked at institutions like El Bulli and Pujol before opening her first restaurant Cavita, where she dispels stereotypes and brings the vibrancy of authentic Mexican cooking to London.

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