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Lemon-marinated sardines

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  • 30 minutes, plus cooling time for the peppers and marinating time for the sardines


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To begin, char the peppers by holding them over an open flame or grilling until the skins have completely blackened. When ready, place in a bowl, cover with cling film and allow to cool
Once cool, carefully remove the blackened skins from the peppers. Cut them open, remove the seeds and cut the flesh into a medium dice. Mix the peppers with the remaining ingredients (apart from the sardines) in a bowl
Place half of the pepper marinade mixture in a plate or tray and place the sardines on top. Cover the sardines with the remaining marinade ingredients and set aside to marinate for 1–3 hours
Serve as a summery starter with some bread on the side
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Lemon-marinated sardines


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