Set across three floors, this beautiful and ambitious building overlooking London’s Green Park actually houses two separate restaurants and a bar, with both all-day dining and elaborate tasting menus on offer.
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    85 Piccadilly, Mayfair, UK, London, W1J 7NB
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    Of the many restaurants to have opened in London in recent years, few have generated as much hype and fanfare as Hide. Anywhere with a chef like Ollie Dabbous at the helm was bound to make headlines, but the sheer scale of the operation at Hide makes it one of the most ambitious restaurants in the UK.

    There are three elements to Hide. Ground is the largest of the three, offering all-day dining including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner in an à la carte format. Upstairs, Above is where you’ll find tasting menus which showcase incredible skill, technique and understanding of flavour. Finally, the basement is home to Below, an incredible bar and wine cellar with cocktails by long-time Ollie Dabbous collaborator Oskar Kinberg,

    Being opposite Green Park has clearly influenced the interiors and décor on all three floors of Hide, with wooden surfaces and nods to nature throughout. Everything is arranged around a magnificent hand-carved staircase which snakes across the three levels – a centrepiece that’s become as photogenic as the dishes themselves.

    The themes of nature and plants continue into the dishes themselves, which have a disarmingly simple, effortless look about them. In fact, these are some of the most complex and painstakingly perfected dishes in London, with countless processes and techniques utilised to ensure the best possible flavour. This goes for everything from breakfast to dinner – the in-house bakery provides all the pastries and breads, while the two separate kitchens (one for Ground, one for Above) are home to dozens of chefs working together to ensure flawless service day after day. Talented head chefs Luke Selby (Above) and Josh Angus (Ground) keep a keen eye on the goings-on.

    Hide’s wine list is the biggest in London (and quite possibly the world) thanks to its owner and investor Yevgeny Chichvarkin, owner of Hedonism Wines. The list contains over 6,500 different bottles which can be sent from the shop to the table in just fifteen minutes with a minimal corkage fee (although there is a more concise paper list of curated wines from the sommelier team for ease of access).

    It’s the small details, however, that sets Hide apart from London’s many other acclaimed restaurants. Everything is made in-house, from the charcuterie and preserves to the juices and breads, while every table includes a hidden draw with phone chargers to keep Instagrammers topped up. The three levels are at once both separate and together thanks to the natural décor, while service is perfectly balanced between attentive and relaxed. Hide was awarded a Michelin star just five months after opening, and it’s easy to see why – no doubt the team are pushing hard for another in the years to come.

    Three things you should know
    Hide has five separate private dining rooms each with their own theme, including a larger twenty-cover room on the mezzanine with its own private lift big enough for a car.
    Hide is a seven-day operation, opening early in the morning for breakfast until late at night for cocktails and bar snacks.
    Hide's stunning interiors are thanks to Tatiana Fokina of Hedonism Wines, design firm These White Walls and architectural consultants Lusted Green.
    85 Piccadilly, Mayfair, UK, London, W1J 7NB
    020 3146 8666
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