Pousse café

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A pousse café is a layered drink. Here a lemon and whisky cream is layered in shot glasses with sweet maple syrup and sprinkled with fresh chives, a fascinating twist on an alcoholic cocktail from Daniel Clifford.

First published in 2015





  • Squeezy bottle
  • Shot glasses


Whip the cream very lightly in a large bowl
  • 100ml of whipping cream
Add the lemon juice and Jack Daniels and gently mix
Lightly beat the egg yolk
Line up the 4 shot glasses and pour the maple syrup and beaten egg into the 2 small squeeze bottles. Squeeze an equal amount of the maple syrup into each shot glass, followed by a layer of the beaten egg yolk and 1 tbsp of the lightly whipped cream
Top with the finely chopped chives and finish with a pinch of salt and a twist of pepper
First published in 2015

A broad range of experience in some of the top kitchens in the UK and France along with hefty doses of innovation, dedication and originality have led Daniel Clifford’s style to be widely praised.

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