Ice cream sandwich


A luxurious twist on a childhood favourite, William Curley's ice cream sandwich recipe switches the wafer for macarons, and chooses the most nostalgic ice cream flavours – rum and raisin and mint choc chip – for the fillings. This recipe is from Nostalgic Delights by William Curley, published by Quarto.

First published in 2017




Rum-soaked sultanas

Mint choc chip ice cream

Rum and raisin ice cream

Dark chocolate macarons

Milk chocolate macarons


  • Ice cream maker
  • Electric hand whisk
  • Silicon baking mat
  • 2 piping bags and nozzles 2
  • Metal rings 18
  • Sugar thermometer


The day before making, prepare the rum-soaked raisins for the ice cream. Add the sultanas to a saucepan of boiling water, simmer for 2–3 minutes then strain. Spoon into a sterilised jar, pour over the rum and leave to marinate for at least 24 hours
To make the mint ice cream, bring the milk, cream and mint to the boil then leave to infuse for 2 hours in the fridge
  • 400ml of milk
  • 100ml of whipping cream
  • 20g of fresh mint
Prepare an ice bain-marie and bring the mint-infused mixture to a simmer. Meanwhile, beat together the egg yolks and sugar until the mixture is pale in colour
Pour one third of the hot liquid – making sure it is not boiling – onto the egg yolks and sugar and whisk until the milk is fully incorporated. Return the mixture to the saucepan, place over a low heat and stir continuously with a spatula until the mixture thickens, coats the back of the spoon and reaches a temperature of 82–84°C
Remove the custard from the heat and pass through a fine sieve into a bowl set over the ice bain-marie to cool rapidly. Allow to thicken in the fridge for 4 hours
Follow the same process to make the rum anglaise, adding the rum once the mixture has cooled in the ice bain-marie. Allow to thicken in the fridge for 4 hours
Line 2 trays with baking paper, place eighteen 6cm metal rings on each tray and place in the freezer until ready to use
When the two anglaise bases have thickened in the fridge, churn the rum mixture in an ice cream maker, add 150g of drained rum-soaked raisins, then mix until the raisins are evenly dispersed. Remove one of the trays from the freezer and fill each ring with the rum and raisin ice cream, using a small step palette knife to level the top of each. Return to the freezer for at least 2–3 hours
Churn the mint anglaise in an ice cream maker, add the chocolate chips and mix until evenly dispersed. Remove the unused tray from the freezer and fill each ring with the mint choc chip ice cream, using a small step palette knife to level the tops. Return the tray to the freezer for at least 2–3 hours
Next, make the macaron mix. Place half of the egg whites in a mixing bowl with the ground almonds, icing sugar and cocoa powder and beat to a paste
Place the remaining egg whites and caster sugar in a separate bowl and beat with a whisk until smooth. Place the bowl over a bain-marie and whisk until the meringue is 65°C. Transfer to the bowl of an electric mixer (or continue by hand) and whisk until a stiff meringue forms and it returns to room temperature
  • 250g of caster sugar
Using a spatula, fold the meringue into the cocoa paste until it is smooth. Spoon the mixture into a piping bag fitted with a 10mm nozzle
Repeat the process to make the milk chocolate macaron mixture
Pipe 5cm bulbs onto a baking tray lined with a non-stick baking mat (make sure you space them evenly as they will spread). You will need a total of 36 of each flavour to make 18 sandwiched macarons
Sprinkle half the dark chocolate macarons with cacao nibs and half the milk chocolate macarons with feuilletine wafer to make the macaron lids. Leave the macarons to dry out for 30 minutes, then bake for 20–25 minutes
  • cacao nibs, for sprinkling
  • feuilletine, crushed for sprinkling
To temper the chocolate, melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie until is reaches 54°C. Remove from the heat and allow to cool evenly to 27°C, then reheat to 32°C. Repeat the process with the milk chocolate
When the macarons are fully cooled, dip the base of each milk chocolate macaron into tempered milk chocolate and dip the base of each dark chocolate macaron into tempered dark chocolate. Leave to set in a cool, dry area for 1 hour
Before serving, de-mould the ice cream discs. Sandwich the rum and raisin ice cream discs between the milk chocolate macarons. Sandwich the mint choc chip ice cream discs between the dark chocolate macarons
First published in 2017

As one of the UK's top chocolatiers, William Curley's chocolates and pâtisserie are some of the most beautiful and delicious sweet treats and desserts ever created.

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