Fillet of chalk stream trout with clams, peas and crème fraîche

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This light, elegant seafood dish from Chris Shaw uses Rathfinny Classic Cuvée to steam clams and form the foundation of a creamy sauce for fresh chalk stream trout. Freshly podded peas add pops of sweetness. 

First published in 2022






Preheat the oven to 180°C


Mix the salt, sugar and lemon zest together in a small bowl. Sprinkle the mixture over the flesh side of the trout and leave to sit for 20 minutes 


After 20 minutes rinse off the salt and sugar thoroughly, then dab dry with a clean tea towel


Place the fish on to a lightly oiled baking sheet and transfer into the oven for 4 minutes


Set a small pan over a medium to high heat and combine the clams and Rathfinny in a bowl. Once the pan is nice and hot, add the clams and Rathfinny and put a lid on

  • 800g of clams
  • 400ml of Rathfinny Classic Cuvée

The clams should only take a minute or two to open. Once they do, add the fresh peas and cook for 30 seconds


Add the creme fraiche, chopped chives, trout roe and a little lemon juice to the pan and taste for seasoning. Adjust with salt and pepper if necessary

  • 160g of créme fraiche
  • 40g of chives, finely chopped
  • 4 tbsp of trout roe, (or use salmon roe)
  • 2 lemons, zested and juiced
  • salt to season
  • black pepper to season

To serve, peel the skin off the pieces of fish and place in the middle of 4 bowls. Arrange the clams around the fish, and spoon the sauce and peas around the outside. Garnish with pea shoots, and serve

First published in 2022

Cutting his teeth at London restaurants including Bao, Petersham Nurseries and Townsend, over time Chris Shaw has developed a simple, seasonal approach to cooking.

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