Eight easy and delicious Fjord Trout recipes

Ten easy and delicious Fjord Trout recipes

by Great British Chefs 24 November 2016

If you’ve seen this striking fish in the supermarket or fish counter but aren’t sure how to serve it, take a look at our collection of simple Fjord Trout recipes and discover one of Norway’s finest ingredients.

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A good piece of fish should never be messed about with too much, and Fjord Trout is no exception. The purity of the fjords the trout is farmed in shines through in the finished product, so it’s almost sacrilege to muddy the waters with bossy, overbearing flavours. That’s why it’s best served simply alongside light dressings, aromatic broths and unfussy sides. Here are some of our favourite recipes showcasing the unmistakable flavour of this very special fish.

1. Cured Fjord Trout with coriander, celery, lime and apple salad

Curing fish might sound a bit scary to those who haven’t done it before, but it really is incredibly easy – just take a side of Fjord Trout, cover it in salt, sugar and spices, then wrap it up in clingfilm and put it in the fridge overnight. After that, it just needs a quick wash before you slice it thinly and serve with crisp garnishes like celery and apple.

2. Pan-roasted Fjord Trout with lentils, crispy bacon and chervil

A crispy skin that gives way to yielding soft flesh is what every cook aims for when cooking fish fillets in a pan. Luckily, it’s easy to achieve this with Fjord Trout, something Daniel Galmiche proves in this simple recipe. A bed of earthy lentils is dressed in a vinaigrette and paired with crispy smoked bacon, rocket leaves and a simply cooked Fjord Trout fillet on top.

3. Poached Fjord Trout in asparagus, garlic and ginger broth

The broth in this dish is made by straining the liquid of tomatoes, ginger and lemongrass through muslin, then using it to gently poach chunks of Fjord Trout fillet, peas, asparagus, mushrooms and samphire. This means the broth is full of fragrant flavour but remains clean and light, making this the perfect starter for a dinner party.

4. Pan-roasted Fjord Trout with courgettes and sauce vierge

Covering a piece of perfectly cooked fish with a sauce is always a gamble – you risk overpowering the delicate flavours of the fillet. Instead, make something that’s more like a dressing – such as this sauce vierge – which keeps everything tasting very fresh. The simple combination of oil, vinegar, tomatoes, shallots and herbs is all Fjord Trout needs, while the ribbons of grilled courgette on the side means this can be served as either a starter or a main.

5. Pan-fried Fjord Trout with white bean purée and garlic crisps

If you’re a fan of garlic, then give this recipe a try – the garlic crisps are made by simmering sliced cloves in milk before coating them in flour and deep-frying for a few minutes, and on top of that the Fjord Trout is fried with whole cloves that have been blanched in boiling water. The butterbean purée adds plenty of creaminess to the plate without becoming claggy, while dandelion leaves and watercress introduces some greenery.

6. Pan-fried Fjord Trout with celeriac and pancetta galette

If you’re after something a little more substantial, then pair a simple Fjord Trout fillet with a galette (similar to a rosti) made from grated potatoes, celeriac and pancetta lardons. The simple butter sauce is given a little zing with lime zest, which pairs beautifully with the flavour of the Fjord Trout.

7. Barbecued Fjord Trout fillets with cucumber

We don’t barbecue fish enough in this country as there’s always the risk the flesh will stick to the grill and fall apart, but a simple sheet of foil prevents this. The fish will still absorb all those delicious smoky flavours but there’s no risk of it dropping into the coals below or instantly burning. Served with a simple side of charred cucumber and salad leaves, this is perfect for the summer when you want a change from the usual meaty feast.

8. Fjord Trout, mussels, ginger and lemongrass broth

Fancy some shellfish with your Fjord Trout? This aromatic broth combines mussels with the fish in a creamy aromatic broth, flavoured with lemongrass, ginger and coriander. The Fjord Trout is gently poached in the wine, cream and fish stock-based liquid, before being combined with the steamed mussels and served in gratin dishes which are briefly blasted under the grill.

9. Dill and vodka cured Fjord Trout with Bloody Mary sorbet and avocado

The stunning colour of Fjord Trout gives it instant presence on the plate, but if you really want to impress give this recipe from Paul Welburn a go. Beautiful little cubes of fish are dotted amongst piped blobs of avocado purée and a quenelle of Bloody Mary-flavoured sorbet.

10. Low and slow Fjord Trout with tartare dressing, scraps, confit egg yolk and lemon

Fjord Trout takes just minutes to cook over high heat, but you can also cook it very slowly over a low flame to really bring out the more rich flavours of the fish. By first brining then using a sous vide to cook the trout, a quick sear in the pan is all that's needed to finish it off. The crispy scraps on top are the perfect nod to classic British fish and chips.