Corn and 'nduja with pickled Padrón peppers and egg yolk


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I used to make this with the brilliant Greek woman who first taught me how to cook. We used to use frozen corn though and fry it up in a dry pan. Now, with a barbecue and British corn we burn it on the fire and then strip it. It’s simple and f*****g tasty. Bootleg food at its best.




Corn and 'nduja

Pickled Padrón peppers

Begin by making the pickled padron peppers. Bring all the ingredients (except the peppers) to the boil and allow to roughly boil for 5 minutes, then reduce to a simmer for 10 minutes
Place the peppers (washed) in a sterilised jar. Tip over the pickling liquid, seal and set aside for at least 2 hours
Light your barbecue and burn the corn until starting to blacken. Remove from the heat, then slice off the kernels
Over a high heat cook down the 'nduja in a pan, then add the corn kernels and half the juice of a lime. Mix with a wooden spoon to incorporate the mess
Place a dollop of crème fraîche in the middle of each plate and cover with the corn and 'nduja. Make a little well in the centre and add an egg yolk and a generous pinch of salt
Cover in pickled peppers and serve with a lime wedge
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