Purple sprouting broccoli, confit egg yolk, swede remoulade, Berkswell cheese


First published in 2018
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Swede remoulade

Confit egg yolk


To serve

  • Berkswell cheese
For the remoulade, julienne the swede, mix with a generous sprinkling of salt and transfer to a muslin bag. Leave to hang over a container for 1 hour to remove any moisture
Submerge the egg yolks in a metal bowl filled with enough olive oil to comfortably cover the yolks. Place in a water bath at 64°C for 45 minutes – alternatively, place the bowl over a pan of gently simmering water to make a bain marie. If you use this method, you’ll need to use a cooking thermometer to make sure the oil stays steadily between 62–68°C
Rinse the salted swede, pat dry and mix with the yoghurt, capers, English mustard and shallots. Season with salt and lemon juice and set aside
To prepare the broccoli, trim away the leaves and stems. When ready to serve, blanch quickly in boiling water, then finish cooking on a plancha or in a hot, dry frying pan
To serve, spoon some remoulade onto each plate and make a dip in the middle. Add the egg yolks to this dip, carefully removing them from the oil with a perforated spoon
Place the broccoli on top and use a microplane to shave the Berkswell cheese over the dish. Serve immediately
  • Berkswell cheese
First published in 2018
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