Blackberry Mary

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Taking inspiration from a traditional margarita, we’ve added some salt to the glass rim to make a deliciously short and fruity Bloody Mary. The blackberries add some sharpness, alongside a twist of lime too.

First published in 2015

The foodie minds behind the menu of Heathrow's The Gorgeous Kitchen restaurant have come up with some fantastic variations on the traditional Bloody Mary cocktail recipe, to help kickstart your day, and your travels.

Chefs and food writers, Sophie Michell, Jo Pratt, Caroline Artiss and Gee Charman have collectively added creative flair and innovative flavours to the brunch offering at The Gorgeous Kitchen, although still playing homage to seasonal British cuisine.

Based around the the classic combination of tomato and vodka, this fruity version of a Bloody Mary is easy to knock up at home, and would work well with a decadent French toast or pancake brunch, with berries and Greek yoghurt to cut through the spice from the chilli.





Add 5 of the blackberries (reserving 1 to garnish), the lime juice, lemon juice and sliced chilli to a cocktail shaker and muddle together (this should be quite aggressive to break down the berries)
Add the vodka, tomato juice and a dash of Worcestershire sauce and shake to combine
Dampen the edge of a tumbler or whisky glass and dip in salt to create a rim
Strain the cocktail mix through a sieve into the glass and garnish with a slice of cucumber and the reserved blackberry
First published in 2015

The Gorgeous Kitchen at Heathrow offers diners a gourmet start to their travels, with an innovative menu created by four acclaimed female British chefs and food writers.

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