Asian Bloody Mary


First published in 2015
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The foodie minds behind the menu of Heathrow's The Gorgeous Kitchen restaurant have come up with some fantastic variations on the traditional Bloody Mary cocktail, to help kick start your day, and your travels.

Chefs and food writers, Sophie Michell, Jo Pratt, Caroline Artiss and Gee Charman have collectively added creative flair and innovative flavours to the brunch offering at The Gorgeous Kitchen, although still playing homage to seasonal British cuisine.

Every Bloody Mary should have some heat, but we’ve added a bit more with our Asian Bloody Mary! Here the kick comes from the addition of sriracha and some wasabi – these ingredients are not so overpowering here that they take away from the refreshing drink, but we think they’re a great alternative to the usual spice.




Mix all of the ingredients together until fully combined, making sure the wasabi and sriracha are dissolved in the liquid
Pour into a high ball glass, and garnish with a celery stalk to serve
First published in 2015
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