Maple syrup glazed new potato salad with crispy Pancetta and squid

7 new potato recipes to save you from the plain boiled spud

by Pete Dreyer 1 August 2017

Sweet, earthy and versatile, new potatoes should be top of your shopping list in the summer months. Here are seven recipes from some of the UK's top chefs and food writers to give you some inspiration.

Pete worked as a food writer at Great British Chefs.

Pete worked as a food writer at Great British Chefs and trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. Although there’s very little he won’t eat, his real passion is health and nutrition, and showing people that healthy food can be delicious too. When he’s not writing or cooking, you’ll probably find him engrossed in a bowl of pho.

I wonder if we’ve become so used to seeing bags and bags of potatoes on shelves all year round that we’ve forgotten the joys of new potatoes. The start of new potato season in late spring should be a cause for great celebration, especially as it coincides with the arrival of other such delights as wild garlic, asparagus and morels.

New potatoes are packed full of flavour when they’re in season and are incredibly versatile – you can cook them in almost any way imaginable and pair them with a whole host of different flavours. Here are seven recipes that are top of our list when April rolls around every year (and if you're after even more inspiration, check out our full collection of new potato recipes).

1. Give it a presse

Terrines like this are fantastic for dinner parties – they can be prepared well ahead of time and warmed just before service. Frances Atkins takes inspiration from the start of summer, when new potatoes and peas come to the fore, combining the two with mint and wild garlic, before pressing into a terrine and serving with a delicious herb and mustard dressing.

2. Spice up your life

No round-up of new potato recipes would be complete without a dish from Shaun Rankin – he is the undisputed authority on Jersey cuisine, and the Jersey Royal is one of our most celebrated potatoes. Shaun bakes his pancetta, sautés his potatoes and cooks onion en papillote, before quickly frying his squid and assembling the whole lot with a drizzle of maple syrup.

5. Pesto power

Pesto is another simple and very tasty way to enjoy your new potatoes. Urvashi Roe uses Pembrokeshire Early potatoes – an earthy, sweet variety native to Wales – and steams them to lock in all the flavour. Whilst those are on the go she whips up a pesto of sunflower seeds, garlic and nasturtium flowers, tossing the two together and topping with hard-boiled quail’s eggs.

6. Cheese dreams

Andy Waters’ satisfying potato salad is a brilliant summer side, perfect with a barbecue, but also alongside a lovely quiche or a savoury tart. He pairs his boiled new potatoes with chunks of gorgonzola and baby spinach, and drizzles over a classic balsamic vinegar and wholegrain mustard dressing. Proof that the boiled potato still has a place in our hearts.

7. Crush on you

Having worked under Marco Pierre White, Michel Roux Jr and Chris Galvin, it’s no surprise that Bryn Williams’ approach to the humble spud is very classical. Bryn boils and lightly crushes his potatoes with spring onion and lemon juice, topping the whole lot with a flaky piece of smoked haddock and a soft-poached egg on top. Simple, classic and delicious.