A taste of Ireland

by Great British Chefs 18 October 2021

The island of Ireland is home to one of the most exciting emerging food scenes in the world. Get to know more about the dishes, people, produce and locations that make it a must-visit.

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The island of Ireland is a place brimming with buzzing cities, serene countryside and rugged coastlines. In the past few years, however, its food scene has exploded, moving beyond its traditional roots into something much more cosmopolitan and multicultural. Moving beyond the classic (yet still delicious) tropes of stews and stout, it's now home to a galaxy of Michelin-starred restaurants, trendy bars and produce which is renowned long beyond its borders.

Whether you're planning a trip to the island or simply want to know more about Irish food and drink in general, we've collected together everything you need to get to grips with Ireland's culinary landscape. From producers and chefs to city break guides and of course the island's iconic recipes, read on to explore what makes Ireland one of the most exciting places anyone interested in food can visit today.

In the city

All our Irish recipes

Soda bread, Irish stew, colcannon – if you're after a taste of traditional Irish fare, our recipe collection has everything you need to taste the island.

Irish beef

Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland's answer to rocky road couldn't be easier to prepare at home and is perfect for feeding a sweet-toothed crowd. All you need is fifteen of each ingredient, which is then bound together with condensed milk. Simple and incredibly delicious.

Irish classics

Say sláinte!

Irish breweries are enjoying a renaissance, with a slew of new craft beers making a name for themselves across Europe. Here are the ones to look out for.