Gingerbread-spice ganache

  • Petit four
  • easy
  • 40
  • 30 minutes


First published in 2015
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Gingerbread-spice ganache

For coating

Add the treacle, sugar, cream, water, ground ginger and stem ginger to a pan. Bring the mixture to the boil, simmer for 2 minutes then remove from the heat and stir thoroughly for 30 seconds
Pour the mixture into a blender, add the chocolate and blitz until the chocolate has completely melted. Scrape into a plastic tub, cover, and leave to set in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours
Once the ganache has set, scoop out even quantities with a teaspoon and place onto some parchment paper. Coat your hands in cocoa powder and quickly roll into balls before the ganache starts to melt. If you are not using tempered chocolate to finish the truffles, add equal quantities of the spice mix spices to some more cocoa powder and roll the truffles in this mix
If you do wish to coat the truffles in tempered chocolate, hold each truffle in your right hand and scoop up some tempered chocolate with your left. Transfer the truffle to your left hand to coat half of the truffle, then scoop up some more chocolate with your right. Pass the truffle to your right hand to coat the other half, then roll between your hands to ensure the entire truffle is coated. Repeat to coat all truffles
Transfer the truffles to a sheet of baking parchment. Mix equal quantities of the spices together in a small bowl, then sprinkle the spice mix over the top of each truffle to lightly dust. Leave the truffles to set for 5 minutes before serving
First published in 2015
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