Spicy beef shin hotpot with roast squash wedges

8 of our favourite chorizo recipes for the colder months

by Great British Chefs 11 November 2019

Full of warm, fragrant and rich flavours, chorizo is the ideal ingredient to stock up on when the cold, dark weather is getting to you. Take a look at eight of our best-ever chorizo recipes, perfect for beating the winter chill.

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Of all the culinary treats the Spanish have given the world over the years, few can hold a candle to the popularity of chorizo. The paprika- and garlic-flavoured cured sausage is a staple in our shopping baskets these days, sliced up for everything from sandwiches to stews.

Chorizo isn’t just loved because it tastes good on its own; its ability to infuse sauces with its wonderful flavour makes it a fantastic ingredient to cook with. As its oils render into a pan, they imbue everything else in there with a lovely red colour, spreading flavours of garlic, pimentón and pork throughout. These rich flavours are exactly what we crave when autumn and winter set in, and our appetites turn towards stews, braises and hearty, satisfying plates of food. That’s why we’ve rounded up eight incredible recipes to cook during the colder months – take a look and make this week’s dinner plan as tasty as it can be.


Pork, chicken, beef, pork and chorizo are slow-cooked for hours until they form a thick, spreadable pate in this classic Spanish recipe. Served on crusty bread or toast, it’s a wonderfully indulgent treat that’s perfect for a weekend lunch or breakfast treat.

Huevos rotos con chorizo

Chorizo goes so well with eggs, and this breakfast dish sees the sausage sliced thinly and baked until crisp. It’s then used to garnish a rich potato terrine studded with cheese, as well as eggs that are deep-fried – an unusual but very delicious way of cooking them!


In the Spanish region of Asturia, bold, rustic cooking is everywhere, and this hearty stew is a prime example of why the local food is held in such high regard. A combination of chorizo and morcilla sausages with chunks of pork belly are gently cooked with beans in a pimentón-spiked sauce for the perfect antidote to a chilly winter’s evening.

Pork belly and chorizo cassoulet terrine

Fancy a bit of a challenge? This knockout dish takes the flavours of pork cassoulet and reimagines them as a terrine, full of piquant chunks of chorizo. On the side is a chorizo-flavoured mayonnaise and plenty of pickles to cut through the rich flavours. It takes time to prepare but much of it can be done in advance, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour the following day.

Spicy beef shin hotpot with roast squash wedges

Beef shin becomes meltingly tender when slow-cooked, and this recipe combines its richness with the fragrant, spicy flavours of chorizo. With added chickpeas to bulk it out and caramelised wedges of squash on the side, it’s a fantastic dish for feeding a crowd.

One-pot roast chicken with chorizo

One-pot dishes are effortlessly simple, and you can’t get much tastier than the combination of chicken and chorizo. With plenty of lemon juice to add fresh zing, sweet potatoes and courgettes for added flavour, it’s one of our favourite go-to recipes for a midweek dinner.

Monkfish with chorizo crust and spiced beans

Monkfish is a beautiful ingredient to work with, and its meaty flavour and texture means it can stand up to other bold flavours – in this case, a wonderful chorizo crust. Served on a bed of richly spiced beans, it’s a warming, satisfying plate of food that has enough wow-factor to make it suitable for a dinner party.

Tuscan-style sausage ragù

We often fry or grill sausages, but slowly cooking them in a flavourful sauce transforms them into something very special indeed. In this dish, Italian sausages are simmered in a chorizo-flavoured sauce until soft, creating a simple yet flavour-packed bowl of food that’s guaranteed to go down well with everyone.