Wild garlic butter

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This effortless wild garlic flavoured butter recipe means you can capture one of the most beautiful flavours of spring and use it in your cooking for the rest of the year. Use it to baste fish and meat, melt it over potatoes or stuff it inside a breaded chicken breast for a seasonal twist on chicken Kyiv.

First published in 2019
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Compound butters are one of the best and easiest ways of flavouring a dish, as fat is an excellent carrier of flavour. Wild garlic season is short and sweet, which makes preserving it in butter a great way of stretching out the season that little bit longer. The butter keeps in the freezer for months without losing any of its vibrant flavour or colour, so whip up a big batch and use this to add some wild garlic flavour to your dishes way into summer.

Wild garlic butter is a wonderfully versatile thing – who doesn’t want more butter or more garlic on anything they’re eating? You can swap it in anywhere you’d use a regular garlic butter; think garlic mushrooms, chicken Kyivs or homemade garlic bread. In fact, many freshly baked breads benefit from a brush of melting garlic butter, from Miranda MacDonald's Khorasan dinner rolls to Vivek Singh’s Naan bread recipe.

Liven up simple steamed or boiled vegetables with a blob of the butter, or smother over sweetcorn. Shove under the skin of your next roast chicken, or of course finish off a big juicy steak by basting it with plenty of the stuff. If you’re feeling adventurous, everybody knows garlic is a snail's best friend! Dominic Chapman’s Snails with garlic butter and Gorgonzola would happily benefit from some wild garlic butter.





Wash and dry the wild garlic leaves, then finely chop. It is important to use a very sharp knife here to get a nice fine chiffonade – a blunt knife will mash the beautiful leaves into the board, compromising the flavour and leaving you with a mushy texture and darker colour
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Add the chopped leaves to the softened butter with a large pinch of flaky salt and mix well to distribute evenly. Taste and add more salt if needed
 – the butter is now ready to use if you're cooking with it straight away
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To prepare the butter for freezing, wrap in a neat cling film baton. To do this, wipe a clean surface with a damp cloth
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Roll out about 40cm of cling film. Wipe over the cling film with the cloth to smooth it out then repeat so you have 2 layers
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Neatly spoon out the soft butter into a log (around 3cm in diameter) in the centre of the bottom quarter of the cling film
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Lift up the cling film from the bottom and wrap very tightly round the butter, then roll up the rest of the cling film around it
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Roll the wrapped butter across the table until the cling film is taught and you have a smooth log shape. Tie a knot and repeat with the other end, ensuring you have squeezed out all the air. Tie the knots as tightly as possible

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Cut off the excess ends of the cling film. Your butter is now ready to store in the freezer
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To use the butter, take it out of the freezer 10 minutes before you need it. Slice off however many portions you need, then return the rest of the log to the freezer. Unwrap the coins of butter from the cling film – they are now ready to use
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The butter can be added to the pan whilst frozen, but bear in mind to adjust cooking times where necessary – especially with rare meat or fish which only requires a few minutes
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First published in 2019

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