Whiskey sours

  • Petit four
  • medium
  • Serves 40
  • 20 minutes


First published in 2015
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Mix the sugar and pectin together in a medium-sized pan. Add the remaining ingredients into the mix, except 100ml of the Jack Daniel's, the caster sugar for finishing and the lemon peel. Place on a low heat until all the ingredients are well-combined and the powders have dissolved
  • 2.5g of salt
  • 220g of caster sugar
  • 15g of yellow pectin
  • 200ml of lemon juice
  • 20g of liquid glucose
  • 1 tbsp of Angostura bitters
  • 150ml of Jack Daniel's
Increase the heat and cook out the mixture, whisking every few minutes. When the mixture reaches 118°C, add the remaining 100ml of Jack Daniel's and immediately pour the mixture into a 10x19cm container. Reserve in the fridge to chill and set for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight
Once the mixture is set, cut it into 1 1/2cm cubes. Then, gently roll the cubes in the remaining caster sugar before serving. Garnish the plate with pieces of lemon peel, if desired
First published in 2015
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