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Whisky and ginger: the perfect combination

Whisky and ginger: the perfect combination

by Great British Chefs 01 November 2019

The flavours found in whisky and ginger ale complement one another so well, it's a no-brainer to pair them together in a cocktail. Take a look at how this simple drink can warm the cockles in winter and refresh the senses in summer.

While many of us pine for the bright, sunny summer months during autumn and winter, there’s something to be said for that cosy feeling when you get in from the cold and settle down for the evening. Whether it’s a roaring fire, your favourite blanket, a hearty, filling meal with the family or simply cranking the heating up and settling down in front of the TV, it’s one of the best things about the season. In Scandinavia – a place that’s cold for most of the year – this feeling even has a name: hygge.

That same warming feeling can come from what we choose to drink. While we usually associate ice-cold cocktails with the summer months, there are some combinations that work year-round. Whisky is sometimes referred to as ‘fire water’ for a reason; a little sip certainly warms the cockles, and it conjures up scenes of comfy armchairs in front of open fires. However, whisky can be enjoyed year-round as a refreshing and simple long drink when mixed with ginger ale.

Ginger is a natural flavour enhancer, complementing the complex flavours found in whisky, making the two ideally matched when mixing cocktails. They’re both full of warming, spicy notes, which means even when mixed with ice there’s still something comforting about the taste. Using ginger ale results in a sweeter, spiced drink, whereas ginger beer has a bolder, more fiery flavour. Both of them, however, bring out the complex flavours of whisky in a relaxed, easy-drinking way.


Fever-Tree’s Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer are made with a blend of three different gingers from Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and India. The root is pressed to extract its strong juices for ginger ale, while ginger beer gets its added intensity from an additional maceration. When combined with fiery whisky and a twist of orange (which emphasises the fruity, citrusy notes of both the spirit and the mixer), the result is an effortless yet delicious drink that’s ideal for any time of year.

Whether it’s to warm up in the winter or cool off in the summer, it’s one of our favourite tipples – just make sure the mixer you use is of the highest quality to do the whisky justice.

Take a look at our simple, foolproof recipe for a Whisky Ginger below and fall in love with the combination of flavours:

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Whisky and ginger: the perfect combination


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