Whipped smoked cod's roe

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This very simple taramasalata-esque dip is made from whipped smoked cod’s roe. It comes together in minutes, and is a brilliant appetiser or canapé. Although nowadays cod’s roe is most closely associated with Greek taramasalata, smoked cod’s roe was a very popular appetiser in the UK in the 1930s, when it was served on buttered toast. It can still be found in traditional fish smokehouses or ordered online.

First published in 2023




Whopped cod's roe

Herb oil

  • 250g of oil
  • 250g of soft herbs, a mixture of parsley, dill and chervil



Blend all whipped cod's roe ingredients except the oil until they form a smooth paste


Emulsify the neutral oil into the paste, and then taste and adjust the seasoning

  • 900g of oil

For the herb oil, blend both the ingredients together until the herbs have completely broken down and the oil begins to get warm. If using a Thermomix, blend until the oil reaches 83°C

  • 250g of oil
  • 250g of soft herbs, a mixture of parsley, dill and chervil

Once blended, pass the herb oil through a muslin cloth


To serve, add some herb oil to a bowl. Top with a spoonful of the whipped cod's roe

First published in 2023

After spending the early part of his career darting around from one Michelin-starred kitchen to another, Jan Ostle settled down in Bristol with his wife Mary, where the couple have since made a name for themselves at their hyper-seasonal farm-to-table restaurant Wilsons.

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