Warm chocolate mousse with potato ice cream

  • 6-8
  • 60 minutes plus 8–12 hours chilling time for the ice cream
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Jan Ostle, head chef at Wilsons told us that this unusual but delicious combination came about from a need to use up a potato glut. The starchy potatoes help make the ice cream extra dense and thick, and the simple chocolate mousse comes together very quickly. This makes a large amount of ice cream, so you may need to reduce the quantities if using a smaller ice cream maker.

First published in 2023





Ice cream


  • Ice cream maker
  • Siphon bottle or cream whipper



Heat the cream for the mousse until hot but not boiling, and pour it over the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate is melted


Whisk in the egg whites and pour into an espuma gun


Charge with cream whippers


For the ice cream, heat the milk and cream until they reach a simmer

  • 850ml of whole milk
  • 150ml of double cream

While waiting for the milk and cream to simmer, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together until aerated and pale


Temper the eggs with the hot milk and cream mixture then whisk the two together


Add the mixture back to the pan and heat to 83°C, using a rubber spatula to stir and taking care not to let it catch on the bottom


Purée the cooked potatoes until smooth in a food processor


Blend the mixture, then mix with the puréed potatoes. Season with Maldon salt, and then chill throughly


Churn the ice cream in an ice cream machine until thick, about 20–30 minutes


Once churned, serve the ice cream in small bowls and spoon over the mousse

First published in 2023

After spending the early part of his career darting around from one Michelin-starred kitchen to another, Jan Ostle settled down in Bristol with his wife Mary, where the couple have since made a name for themselves at their hyper-seasonal farm-to-table restaurant Wilsons.

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