Sous vide Wagyu beef with wasabi cream cheese and cured egg yolk

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  • 60 minutes, plus 4 hours sous vide cooking and curing time, and overnight freezing and infusing time



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Wasabi cream cheese

  • 100g of cream cheese
  • 50g of kizami wasabi
  • 25g of double cream
  • 25g of mayonnaise

Cured egg yolk

The day before you plan to serve the dish, place the eggs in the freezer to freeze solid overnight. It’s also best to cook the beef a day in advance too, so prepare a water bath to 54.5°C
Pour the mirin, soy, tamari and sake into a saucepan and add the kombu. Bring to the boil, then set aside to cool
Season the beef well with salt and pepper and place a griddle or frying pan over a high heat. Add the hay – when it begins to smoke, add the beef and sear it all over as quickly as you can. The hay will impart a slightly smoky flavour to the meat. Transfer the sealed beef to the fridge to halt the cooking process and chill it
Once the beef has chilled, place it in a vacuum bag with the cooled mirin mixture and seal. Place in the water bath and cook for 4 hours
Meanwhile, make the wasabi cream cheese by blitzing the kizami wasabi with the double cream and mayonnaise until smooth, and softening the cream cheese with a spoon or whisk. Combine the softened cream cheese with the wasabi mixture until smooth, then transfer to a squeezy bottle and keep in the fridge until needed
  • 50g of kizami wasabi
  • 25g of double cream
  • 25g of mayonnaise
  • 100g of cream cheese
Once the beef is cooked, place the bag in a bowl of iced water to halt the cooking process, then place the bag in the fridge overnight to allow the flavours to infuse and develop
The next day, remove the eggs from the freezer and allow to come to room temperature. To cure the eggs, place the sake and mirin in a small saucepan and bring to the boil, then remove from the heat and add the soy sauce. Leave to cool
Gently crack open the eggs and submerge the yolks in the cooled soy sauce mixture. Leave to cure for 4 hours
Remove the beef from the bag and set aside. Pour the cooking liquid through a fine sieve (or ideally a muslin cloth) into a clean pan and gently heat. Add the slaked cornflour and stir to thicken, then continue cooking over a very low heat
  • 1 tbsp of cornflour, mised with 1 tsp water to make a paste
Slice the beef into 2mm-thick slices and place on a baking tray. Preheat a grill to medium and place the beef slices under the grill for a few minutes until warmed through and the fat has rendered and softened
To serve, brush the beef liberally with the thickened cooking liquid, then divide between 6 plates. Add a cured egg yolk alongside, topped with a slice of truffle, then pipe dots of the wasabi cream cheese around the dish. Brush the beef with a little more of the cooking liquid, then garnish with the pink peppercorns and shallot rings
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